5 best bridal blouse embroidery

If you are a South Indian bride reading this article, then this is specially for you.

A primary and first task of the marriage is  choosing perfect pattu saree and designing and stitching a matching bridal blouse for it. Sometimes a bridal doesn't have the liberty to choose her saree since the saree selection is kind of both family formality. Instead, choosing and designing bridal blouse is in her hand.

No worry, current trend is doesn't matter how your pattu saree, but a well designed embroidery of bridal blouse is important. If you choose right matching (mostly contrast blouse works best) color and make with well embroidery give you stunning look on that day.

Here i have listed few embroidery blouses which produced by yaksha signature wedding studio Where you can get best embroidery along with perfect fitting blouse. They are also guiding you to select right kind of color combination for your bridal saree and lehenga. A special designer assist you to bring a best design on your dress.

blue and gold bridal blouse for pattu saree
Blue Blouse with and gold zardosi embroidery

Peacock Embroidery bridal blouse
Peacock Embroidery bridal blouse

pink blouse stone work on full body
Full stone pink blouse

Red blouse with 3d embroidery bridal blouse
Red blouse with 3d embroidery bridal blouse
blue and white stone bridal blouse embroidery
Blue and white stone embroidery bridal blouse

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Secret of Jhotika's beauty and her contrast jewellery

I always admire her costume sense especially after her marriage it has been improved lot. The credit may be goes to the costume designer. Here I’m posting few of her photography. I like the way she picked up her jewellery for her dresses.

And I also noticed she used to pick contrast jewellery for her dresses.
Now our part, How we can assemble our jewellery? Why it is important? And Why its looking great?
If you know the answer for the above question, the taste of selecting your costumes and jewellery and the way you appeal will change lot. And ultimately your dressing sense will be admirable by your friends and relatives.

What is Complementary color?

The colors that positioned opposite to one another in the color wheel is called complementary colors. Placing complementary colors next to each other give a vibrant, intense and brighter look. And, scientifically proven evidence saying certain colors look good when combining.
This is the technique we are using as ‘contrast color’ for mix up salwar tops to bottom and jewellery to dress.  

How to choose contrast color dress and jewellery?

You can pick contrast color from the below wheel. First one is traditional wheel color “RGB” Red, Green, Blue used as a primary colors. And second one is Modern color theory “CMY” Cyan, Magenta and Yellow as primary colors.
RGB color wheel

CMY color wheel

Being a opposite color one is warn and one is cool which always look great.

You can also pick colors from the natural objects. The nature is great example for mixing contrast colors. See the below pictures for great example.

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Rental lehenga
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