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Homemade Beauty tips using Cucumber

Body heat cause for so many problems. It directly affects the skin too. Cucumber is the simple secret to reduce the body heat and make the skin healthy. Regularly having cucumber in your food is the best way to reduce the body heat. Apart from these you can also use it as a home made beauty cosmetics.

Cucumber is the best Tan remover. Apply cucumber juice on the face, hand and area which exposed to the sun. Leave it for 15 min. and wash with cold water. Regular use will reduce the tan. And it will keep your face cool and fresh.

Whenever you feel that your skin looking dull, apply cucumber juice. It is also the best solution for oil skin.

Cucumber is natural cleanser. Mix cucumber juice with Milk and apply as a cleanser.

To reduce puffiness of the eye, apply grated cucumber around the eye.

You can use cucumber as face mask. Mix cucumber with rose after and apply as a pack. Leave it for 15 min. And wash it off.

You can use cucumber with combination of egg white or rosewater or curd.

Use: Cucumber is the perfect treat for summer skin, Nourishes, tightens pores, and helps remove dead skin cells to reveal fresher skin, reduce eye puffiness, Solution for dull and oily, helps to look glowing and radiant.

Cucumber South Indian Recipe (cucumber side dish)
Cook dhal and Steam cucumber separately. Add half teaspoon of oil. Fry chopped onion and green chilly. Mix the cooked content into it and add salt.

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