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Home made Beauty Tips for Shiny Hair

Best method is applying coconut juice. Get coconut and grind it well. Filter and get the juice. Apply it on the hair and leave it for an hour. Or wait until it emits oil on the hair [if you leave coconut juice on the hair, it emits oil when it become dry].

Mix Half-lemon with a mug of water. Use this water in the last rinse. It really gives shiny look.

If your hair looks dry, you can try henna applying once in a week. After a month your scalp will secrete oil. [Mix henna with water, apply immediately and leave it for an hour. It won’t leave colors in your hair. If you want color soak henna over a night. You can mix egg white, curd].

Free hair makes your hair makes dry. Avoid as much as possible.

Before going for a bath apply coconut oil and massage it gently. Leave it for one hour.

Keep your hair free from Dandruff.

Curd is the best solution for Dandruff.

Comb your hair well. This will help get good blood circulation in the scalp and stimulate the hair growth

Too much of shampoo wash cause damage to your hair. Use herbal shampoo.

Follow at least one method whenever you are taking head bath. After a month your hair will started to shine.

Get hot oil massage in beauty parlour once in a month. It is the best method for hair falling and dull hair.

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