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Aloe vera beauty tips

It is a medicated plant. Nowadays widely used in all skin care product. It heals the
wounds and burns. If we take aloe vera as drink, it will cool the body and good for health also.

Benefits of aloe vera

* It treats the tanned skin

* Cure Acne

* more suitable for dry skin.

* give moisture to the skin

* it can be used as a astringent which closes the opened pores

* suitable for sensitive skin

apply aloe vera gel on the face before going to the bed. Wash it off with running water. Doing this regularly removes the tan, give moisture and shiny skin.

Aloe vera facial mask

aloe vera gel (directly get it from the plant)
cucumber juice

mix it and apply it on face and neck. Wash it off after 15 min. Cucumber and yogurt cleanse the face and aloe gives moisturizer. Try it once in a week.

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