Homemade acne Treatment

Acne skin should be treated carefully. So it is better advisible to use homemade treatment which dont have side effect. First of all they maintain their food habit. They have to avoid oily food and have to drink plenty of water.

Cleaning is important in acne treatment because it removes the dirt in the skin and opens up the pores. To cleaning the skin we can use curd or milk for dry skin. For oily skin we can use a product with rose water. We can also use oatmeal as a pack.

Turmeric has medicinal quality. It can be applied as a paste. Mix rosewater with Turmeric for oily skin. For dry skin mix curd with turmeric.

we can apply honey or apple directly over the affected skin. Mixture of honey and apple is the best treatment for acne skin.

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  2. my daughter is having this problem I will definately try this