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How to use Toner

Wash your face apply the cleanser to your face with circular motions. Rinse with lukewarm water.
Saturate the cotton pad and pat the toner gently over your face and neck. Never rub your skin when applying toner. After applying facial toner your skin may feel a little tight and dry. You need to apply a facial moisturizer after toning your skin.

Benefits of Toner

•Remove dirt and makeup residue
•Complement the cleansing process
•Refine pores and tighten pores temporarily
•Make skin feel fresh and clean
•Remove excess oil from the skin
•Refresh tired complexion
•Whisk away impurities
•Reduce the appearance of fine lines
•Increase blood circulation
•Improve skin tone
•Reduce oil secretion
•Improve the elimination of toxins
•Speed up cell turnover
•Promote sloughing of dead skin cells

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