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How to get glowing skin

To get glowing skin following the skin routine is must.

Before going to parlor or anything have a habit of Drink plenty of water, Avoid going out when very hot, Use sunscreen before 20 min. while stepping out to sun, Use umbrella or tie scarf around your face [protect skin from pollution] and Drink fruit juices and eat fresh vegetable.

* Do facial monthly once which will remove the dead cells and stimulate the blood circulations.
* After facial maintain it properly by doing cleansing and toning.

Cleanser: Helps you perk up tired skin and stay fresh between meetings or on the road.

Toner: Wipes away pollution and unclogs pores to let your skin breathe.

Before going to bed wet your face, take small quantity of well branded cleanser work up a lather with water. Massage on to moist skin, rinse thoroughly and pat the skin dry.
Moisten cotton with the toner sweep gently over the face. don't rinse.

Regular cleansing and Toning make your skin glow.

[note: Do cleanser First and Toning next. If your skin is oily, apply moisturizer after toning.]
My skin looks good after i started to use Cleansing and Toning.

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