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Best Hair Care Tips : A homemade treatment for hairfall and dandruff

Homemade Hair fall and Dandruff Treatment

Whole Green Gram (best use Green Gram Sprout)

Soak green gram over a night. Grind it well and mix it with coconut thick juice. Apply it like a pack on the head. Leave it for minimum 15 min. to 30 min.

Wash it with good shampoo.

Act as cooling agent Best Pack for summer
Reduce hair fall immediately (try it weekly once)
Stimulate hair growth
Gives shiny hair
Reduce Dandruff

Other uses of Green Gram and Coconut
You can use green Gram sprout as body wash.
* Gives shines to the skin.
Best suitable for dry skin. For oily skin mix it with tomato juice.
* Healthy food.
You can eat raw Green gram. Take it with your lunch everyday. Give it to your children also. Regular eating gives glowing skin.

How to prepare Green Gram Sprout

Soak Green Gram in water. Soak it overnight. Drain and rinse with water. Place it in big bowl. Keep it in a warm place. The next day, the beans are all sprouted and ready to be eaten.

Coconut Juice
* If your skin is too dry apply it on face. Wash it after 15 min. with basin or green gram powder or mild soap. Gives glowing skin. Do it weekly once.

* Gives cooling effect
* you can intake coconut juice also. Good for health

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