Salwar Kameez Sewing Instruction | Stiching instruction of Salwar Kameez

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Here i  provided the drafting pattern of salwar kameez top and salwar kameez bottom to carry out on the clothes. The best way to do is, carry it out on the paper first. Once you have confident then do it on your salwar material. By seeing the drafting you can get to know the perfection of the output.

Before proceeding the  calculation, make your own measurement. A perfect measurement make you to sew your dress in correct size

 Measurement for Salwar bottom

Length - x (Take measurement from where you tie the knot till your desired length)

Seat - y (Around the seating area, hope you understand)

Leg Bottom round - approx 20"

Waist Band Length - 8" to 10"

0 to 1 - Length (-) waist band length+4" or 6" or 2" (can keep canvas for the bottom if you need)

0 to 2 - 1/3 seat (-) waist band length + 2"

2 to 3 - 1/3 seat + 2"

0 to 4 - 1/3 seat + 2"

1 to 5 - 1/2 leg bottom round + 1"

5 to 6 - 4"-3.5" or 6"-5.5" or 2"-1 .5" (According to 0 to 1 measurement)

3 to 7 - 3"
Salwar kameez stiching pattern
Salwar kameez stiching pattern
Waist Band

0 to 1 - Waist Band length + 2"

1 to 2 - Seat + 4"

0 to 3 - Seat + 4"

SALWAR TOPS Measurements

Length - from shoulder level to the desired length
Chest - around chest
Waist Length - shoulder level to "cup" fall point.
Waist width - around waist
Shoulder - shoulder left to right
Sleeve Length, Sleeve Width.


0 to 1 - Length + 1.5"
0 to 2 - 1/4 chest (-1)"
2 to 3 - 1/4 chest + 2"
0 to 4 - Waist length + 1/2"
4 to 5 - 1/4 chest + 1" (or) 1/4 waist width + 1.5"
1 to 6 - 22" or 20" or 18"
(For Children - 1/4 chest + 8")
6 to 7 - 2"
0 to 8 - 1/2 Shoulder + 1/4"
8 to 9 - 1/4"
0 to 10 - 1/12 chest (or) 2.5" (or) 2.75" (or) 3"
0 to 11 - 3" (back)
0 to 12 - 6 " of 6.5" (Front)
Salwar kameez stiching pattern

SLEEVE Measurements

0 to 1 - Sleeve length + 1.5"
0 to 2 - 1/12 chest + 1/2"
2 to 3 - 1/4 chest (-) 1/2"
1 to 4 - 1/12 Sleeve Width + 1"
Join 1,4,3,0
0 to 5 - Centre of 0 to 3
5 to 6 - 1"
5 to 7 - Centre of 5 to 3
7 to 8 - 1/4"
3 to 9 - 1"

Here is the link for making the sleeve patterns. The instruction about carry the measurements over the cloth. You can also find puff sleeve pattern instruction over there.
How to make sleeve patterns

Are you new to sewing? Do you want to download an excellent and informative ebook on "how to sewing". Then visit this link "Sewing Techniques".

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  2. Thank u. Credit goes to the girl who submitted this

  3. Thank you for the pattern/ can they be printed on paper as it's not convenient to use them from the computer

  4. Hi s,

    Make your own draft on the paper. Especially do it on the laminated brown sheet. So that you can keep it for your regular use

  5. im jus an begginer n im very much interested 2 see more posts like this...i will love it if there is a stiching patter for babies??can u helo me plssss////

  6. hi... thanks for the information. Tailoring is one of my hobbies and i can proudly say that i stitch well (only our family's dresses)........ still there are many points which require clarifications and sometimes i have to resort to trial-and-error method....but after going through your explanations, i think i have become become better

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  8. hi......... its xlent.i hav stitched my salwar xactly how u hav said.... i has come family members praised me alot...but...the credit goes to u.actually i didn't get sticting i contined xtra part over sleeve part without stitching it turned into a puffed sleeves.i'm so happy....

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  10. Excellent explanation and design details. I am confused with laying out sleeve pattern. Please verify
    1. 1 to4 is 1/12th Sleeve width
    2. Point 5 is mid point of 0 to 3


  11. Hi, very nice tutorial, I know a bit cutting and sewing, I need clarification regarding the armhole and in the sleeve normally v do differentiate the front and back sleeve and armhole.Do v need extra seam allowance? Thanks.

  12. @Ann point 5 is 1/4 of 0 to 3

    @ raje need extra seam

  13. Hi Thanks for this information of stitching pateerns. Can you help me out with blouse pateern also.

  14. sure jaya. my next post will be blouse

  15. Hi, Sharmila,
    The 2 pcs you have mentioned is for crotch right? will you please tell me the measurements of the same n how to attach I am new to tailoring.


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  17. @Durga . 2 piece for 2 legs. folding vertically one piece make one leg.

    Measurement Your height from waist minus waist band height

  18. there is something wrong with the 1-4 of the sleeve drawing. I think it should be 1/2 ( half) sleeve width plus 1".

  19. Perfect measurement is 1/4 chest - 1.3 or else measure 1/2 width of the sleeve + 1 cm not 1"

  20. hi! I did not understand the salwar measurement 5 to 6 - 4"-3.5" or 6"-5.5" or 2"-1 .5" (According to 0 to 1 measurement)as 6 is not marked on the pattern. pls explain.

    1. This is article posted by someone. I have updated the drafting in Pls follow that

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  26. Thank you so very much for your instructions. I can sew just about anything. Sadly, I am not blessed with the type of thinking that makes one a good pattern drafter. With the words (above) I will take on making two outfits for my granddaughters. We are teaching them that modesty is not only pleasing to the Creator, but prudent. I was directed to your site by Saraha a fellow-member on " I will be happy to pass along your address on the internet, with your permission. Cordially, Nehmah62

  27. hello, Sharmila ji, thankyou for kameez draft, very easy to understand...
    mam can you show me how to cut panels for anarkali kameez [full panels dress]
    how to divide panels according to chest? if i want to make 12 panels in front and 12 panels in back ? pls show us step by step cutting instructions with sewing and picture... pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls
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  33. A complete tutorial for stitching of a salwar kameez. Very good post.

  34. Continue pinning the sleeve to the bodice, and then sew along the arm hole with a straight stitch. Repeat for the second sleeve. janome sewing machine

  35. Plz let me know is this draft is for adult or for kids??

  36. Plz guys let me know is this draft is for kids or adult

    1. adult. But the procedure can be follow for kid too

  37. It's also recommended that you machine baste 3 rows for better gathering results, but I could only fit two in comfortably due to the narrow seam allowance. how to use a computerized embroidery machine

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