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How to do Fashion Jewellery Part II

Single Stone necklace

Required materials Refer How to do Fashion Jewellery Part I
Gear wire
Gear Lock
Single stone (having two holes on the top and bottom)
Gold Beads
Spring’s ring
Closed ring
Back chain

* Take the measurement around the neck
* Cut the Gear wire
* Insert Gear lock and Closed ring

* Bend the Gear wire to insert into the Gear Lock

* Move the Gear Lock near to the Closed ring

* Press the Gear lock with the help of pliers

* Now start with 2 Beads

* Add One stone, one bead, one chakri and one bead
* Repeat the procedure
* Adding 23 stone is enough

* After inserted the 23rd stone finished with adding 2 Beads

* Add Gear lock and closed ring
* Bend the Gear wire to insert it to the Gear lock
* Move the Gear lock closed to the last 2 Beads
* Pull the Gear wire to tightened
* Press the Gear Lock with pliers
* Cut off the extra Gear wire

How to add Beads

* Cut of Rings from the Spring.
* Add Lorials into it.
* Add this 2 into the stones

Take 2 rings from the Spring and connect it with the back chain and the closed ring in the neckset

Now the set is Ready to wear

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Some of the sample works on Fashion Jewellery

Black stone necklace

Bridal necklace

Green stone necklace


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  7. Wonderful means to educate others too. You have done a beautiful set
    Where do you get these beads and stuff?

    Suggestion - Try to click photos without flash. The photos might look more clear.

  8. very informative .. thnx Sharmila :)

  9. seems interesting... i also have a desire to learn this.. can u tel me how much it costs for this classes.. and where in bangalore u get the tutorial classes??

  10. thanks. very nice useful to make different designs.

  11. Dear sharmila ...
    Lovely tutorial... Some pictures are not visible clear because of polished background... Please look into this aspect esp I couldnt get to know how chakri looks

  12. Hi Sharmila,

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    Very detailed instructions and lovely pictures.

    Have you posted anywhere about the insturctions about how to cut for 'Anarkali Dress with Multi panel'? I am not able to find the tutorial.

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