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Nowadays everybody started to have modular kitchen at their place. Keep everything organized and neat and tidy really give kitchen a beautiful look. And definitely it will be the interesting place for women who spending all the time in the kitchen.

But what about the food storage products we have been using in our kitchen? Silver or plastic? Is it really keeps the food item fresh, healthy and long time storage? Definitely the answer is no.

Then what will be the best solution for food storage products?

Here is the best solution ‘Tupperware’.

Everybody heard this name and some of us using too. But how many of them know the benefits and usage.

Here about Tupperware

What is Tupperware?
TupperwareTupperware is the one of the most leading and famous premium food storage, preparation and serving items. The products are made from 100% food grade virgin plastic. (Plastics are recycled with the help of chemical where as in Tupperware it is not made up of recycled raw materials). And it has been used organic colored. So it is a complete chemical free product.

The company has large women network, It is a high quality product and most important 'LIFE TIME WARRANTY'. Tupperware products are lifetime guarantee against chipping, cracking or breaking under normal non-commercial use.

And added information is the product listed in the 'GUINNESS BOOK'.

Benefits of Tupperware
tupperwareAs we have space constraint we need more space to rack the food storage products. But Tupperware products look small but store large quantity. As it has racking facility on the top lid it is very easy to rack.

All Tupperware products’ lids come with two side lock. So it is an air tight container and even if fall on the floor it doesn’t open.

As it is an air tight container it won’t allow outside air inside and vice versa. So the preservation is safe, fresh and healthy. Most of the food wasted because the outside air that comes inside.

Types of items available
Varieties of items available in Tupperware are Dry storage, food preparation, Microwave, Refrigerator, Freezer, Canisters, Classics, Lunch & outdoor, Tupper kids etc.

Some of the Most popular Tupperware items and it’s benefits.

Super storer
super storer
You will always want your potato or banana chips to be crackling crisp, but isn’t it a challenge to keep them that way once the pack has been opened?
* How often have you caught yourself emptying expensive nuts and dry fruits into the dustbin because insects ate them hollow? Think of the money that was wasted on them!
* Keep nuts – badams (almonds), pistachios, cashewnuts – fresh right through the season.
* Biscuits, cookies, chips and snacks stay crisp and fresh much longer.
* Prepare and store mithai, besan (gram flour), laddoos or sandesh for yourself, or gift them to your friends and relatives.
* Great for carrying curries for picnics.
* Roasted/fried papads and snacks stay fresh and can be stored for a long time.
* Excellent for fruit salad and cut watermelons. Fruit stays fresh and juicy in the refrigerator.
* Prepare kheer or payasam in bulk and serve to your family and guests.
* Ideal for idli/dosa batter – it stays fresh for over a week.
* Just the right size for storing patali gur (jaggary) and keeping it fresh much longer.

Oil can
Oil can
* Special seal with a slanted spout that lets you pour without dripping and ensures an even flow from the container.
* Moulded with a non slippery textured surface that allows for easy handling and is resistant to scratches.
* These containers are ideal for daily kitchen countertop usage
* Also, store and serve sauces, sharbats and sugar syrup!

Refrigerator product
Refrigerator productRefrigerator products are stackable space savers, ideal for storing fruits, cut vegetables, gravies, soups and salads. What’s more, food remains odorless in these perfect storage containers.

Serve, store, reheat and carry food with class
Using this you can store the food in refrigerator, reheat in micro oven and carry the food outside. It is a multipurpose product.

Lunch bag
Lunch Bag

* Liquid-tight Seal prevents spillage of curries.
* Four Bowls with compartments allows you to pack a complete lunch.
* Smart Checkered Bag separate your cool and warm food in separate compartments.
* Two deep bowls and two flat bowls allow you to pack a complete lunch with a healthy variety.
* Carry salad and vegetables in the small bowls and curry, rice, rotis and curd in the larger bowls.
* Carry vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes separately.

Microwave product
Microwave productThe Crystalwave range is perfect for re-heating in the Microwave. The unique steam vent allows the food to heat in its own steam, conserving the aroma and nutrients and the steam release cap allows steam to pass while the food is being reheated.

Freezer mates
The Freezer Mates have rounded corners and recessed bottom which allows cool air to flow evenly for fast freezing and defrosting
* They are ideal for storing frozen vegetables, peas, paneer, potato wedges, ice cream and corn
* They are stackable, ensuring effective utilization of precious freezer space.

Still Lot more items.....

And one of best thing using Tupperware is it provides best business opportunity for house wives as well as women who seeks for a business. 50,000 women india earning from Tupperware. The women can start to sell their product through friends and organize a kitty party so that each one refer more people. Want to know more details? send mail to sharm1411@only-ladies.com


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