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How to get beautiful lips

Some of our lips are lose its natural color due to inadequate water intake, air conditioning, cold, excessive exposure to sun rays, regular licking of lips and lipsticks.Here are the simple tips to keep your lip's natural color.

beautiful lipsKeep the lips moisturized through out the day. Carry a good quality lip balm and moisturize it whenever required including in the bed time. Regular use improves the lip color.First apply lip balm and give smooth massage over the lip in clock wise and anti clock wise and wipe it off which will remove the dead skin. Now apply the lip balm again, you could see the immediate fresh look. You can also use lipstick over the lip balm. Using pink color will give natural look to your lips. Avoid expired lipsticks and go for a good brand. Take plenty of vegetable, fruit and water. Avoid cheap branded lipsticks. Lip balm gives better look then lipstick. Moist lip will hold the lipstick good.

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