Miss India South 2018: Crowning Moments

Designer and cotton Kurtis on sale

Here are the beautiful designer and Printed kurtis. You can purchase these kurtis online.

Purchase these kurtis on www.snehalcreation.com

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  1. I went to this website, and they do have very beautiful tunics/kurti's but there is no pricing on any of them, it tells you to send inquiry.
    This is shady business, everything should be priced, if not then it looks like you can charge what you want to a customer depending on what country they are from. There should be no need to ask for pricing if it is posted.

    I would love to order some of the tunics, but won't due to the fact there is no pricing and feel as though they can charge more or less depending on factors pertaining to the business and owners rather than to the customer.