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How to choose perfect bra size

Many research says that most of the women not wearing the perfect bra. If you are fail to choose the right bra, you will loose the shape soon. You can seek the help of the professionals of the lingerie shop. Take enough time to judge your size. So many calculation that describe ‘how to take the measurement of your bra size’ which may little bit confusing.
Your breast should not bulge over the cup and from sides of the bra.
The band should not go up on your back.
You should not have an extra space in the cup.
Breast should comfortably sit on the cup. If it is not you need to go for different cup size. (eg. 34 bra size (band size) has different cup size of A, B, C etc.)
Underwired bra gives good shape.

How to take the measurement of the bra size

First measure the length around your rib cage under your breasts. Then measure around the fullest part of your bosom at the level of your nipple. The difference between the two will give you the cup size.
(Model wearing wired bra)

Styles of Bra

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