Styles of Jeans

Jeans become popular and casusal dress around the world today. They come in many styles and colors. Choosing the right style will look good. Are you fond of Jeansjeans? Then Here are the types of few jeans for you.

Skinny Jeansjeans : Skinny jeans are slim-fitting jeans that taper all the way down the leg. Unfortunately, they flatter only thin women.

Flaresjeans : Flares fit snugly at the waist and leg but open wider at the ankle. These jeans flatter nearly every body type.

Caprisjeans: Capri jeans may fit snugly or loosely and are cut short right below the knee. They can be dressed up or down, while remaining cool and casual.

Straight-Leg Jeansjeansjeans: Straight-leg jeans are cut straight down the leg, with a slim fit that looks best on thinner frames. However, there are more loosely cut straight-leg jeans that complement most body types.

Bell Bottomsjeans: Cut straight down to the knee, bell bottoms then expand into wide bell shapes at the bottoms. Not to be confused with flares, bell bottoms are generally the widest jeans at the ankle, nearly covering up the feet.

Boot-Cut Jeansjeans: Similar to flares and bell-bottoms, boot-cut jeans are wider below the knee. However, they are just wide enough to slip over a pair of boots. Despite their name, boot-cut jeans may be worn with all types of shoes.

Low-Waist Jeans: jeansThese jeans sit very low on your waist and usually help accentuate your butt. Just remember to wear the proper panties with this type of jean!

Mid-Waist Jeans: These sit just below the belly button, usually to help cover any extra pooch some women may carry.

High-Waist Jeans: These jeans go above the belly button slightly, offering full coverage of your stomach

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