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How to Make Bracelet: Jewels making Tutorial - part 1

Making bracelets is very simple and fun. Even if you have never know how to create it, you will find very simple to do it. It requires only less money and less time. Even you can make bracelet with the investment of 10Rs and spending 5 minutes.

Required materials

Elastic Thread

2 Types of Beads (I have used Glass beads)

And Scissors.

Make sure that when you cut or choose the elastic thread for making the bracelet, it is a few inches big than the wrist size of the person who is going to use the bracelet. Also, after making the bracelet, do not forget to trim the extra string.

Take 2 types of beads [Even you can mix more than 2 types of beads]. Add the beads into the Elastic thread. Make sure the length by placing it around the wrist. Tie the ends with 4 to 5 tight knot and Trim the ends.

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  1. Very interesting. These are really easy ways to design fashionable products based on our wish and creativity. It is cheap and easy way to stay fashionable.
    Good one. Thanks a lot for sharing.