Miss India South 2018: Crowning Moments

Trendy salwar kameez designs

I have designed some modern salwar kameez design using Photoshop and weddingdresscreator's model. Design idea is mixing western outfit with salwar kameez design. Want to publish your own design of salwar kameez? Send it to sharm1411@only-ladies.com.Your comments and opinions are welcome

1. Shrug (Shurg is a small over coat model which cover chest, shoulders and arm. It can be designed with short or long sleeve) clothing in Pink color can be stitched separate. Top with One side Full sleeve with Asymmetric neck (single strap coming across the front [either from the left or right shoulder]). Top bottom line is designed with Fleats.

2. Transparent sleeve double colored Anarkali salwar kameez with round neck.


3. Long sleeve, layered Salwar kameez with tie/knot neck


  1. The last one is my fav and the white one is cool too. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Thank u ............................

  3. 1st gerrn dress is minddddddd blowinggg..........gr8 work...