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Converting blouse neck pattern to salwar kameez neck pattern- Part 1

Here the idea of the design is converting blouse neck pattern into salwar kameez neck pattern. See the picture of blouse pattern. I always admire this type of neck pattern but not able to wear as it show off all the part
We can see this type of blouse pattern only on movie,  wearing by Actress. Here see the conversion of the pattern which can be wearable pattern by all

Picture1: Used 2 type of contrast colored cloth. Using bright color in the front and light color on the back. You can also use one color overall the body and the second color on the shoulders and sleeves.

Picture2: Same Double colored design. Around the neck and slit used mirror work. Pipe works on arms


  1. superb...

    nice idea... i too love this type..

    thanks for idea

  2. I liked the idea very much! And the blog as well! Very nice and this post very creative!

  3. How to draft and stitch this neckline

  4. Please share with us how to draft this neckline.