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How to stitch salwar kameez neck line

Take measurement of the salwar kameez and carry out the measurement over the material that you are going to stitch. And cut the pattern.

This will be look like this picture

* Take the measurement indicated on the picture.
* Using this measurement make one piece of cloth
[To make this tutorial clear i used 2 different color. You take same color clothes.]

* Place the salwar top facing its front side [right side]
* Place patch material facing its back side [wrong side]
* See the below picture

* Turn the materials. Don't change the placement maintain in the previous image

* Do the Stitching on the edge of the salwar neck line

* Cut off the cloth inside the salwar neck line
* see this picture

* Turn back
* You will get one like this picture

* Over Turn the green patch material to back of the pink material
* And do the stitching over the neck line of the pink material
* Now the Salwar neck stitching is finished

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  1. looks simple. let me try it.please give tutorial for creating chinese collar neck too.thanx

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