Miss India South 2018: Crowning Moments

Double colored salwar kameez designs

Here i took the one side curved salwar kameez neck pattern and do the desired designs. See here the neck patterns. First one is flowered curve and second one is plain curve. Here i used flower curve neck patterns.

This curved neck patterns more suits with cotton dresses. And also give nice look to the dress.

As the concept of giving more highlight to the curved neck pattern i designed this with double colored salwar kameez. Here go the designs

In this design i used single color through out the body and right shoulder and next color for sleeves and left shoulder. As i want to give highlight to the body i used same color for both the sleeve. Giving embroidery or fabric painting works only around the curve give more attractive look to this pattern.

This second design using dark color on 1/3 of the body and rest with another color. Give an embroidery look on the bisection line and neck line.

I hope you definitely love this ideas. I love the second one.

Note: I have designed with plain colors. You can carry this idea by mixing salwar kameez tops material and bottom material.