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Salwar kameez design for Feeding mother

This articles is inspiration of the mail which i have received from the visitor of this site.

Here the mail

          "Just I want some information about salwar kameez dress.. for Feeding mother there is necessary..of salwars also,but there are no particular designs in salwars.. if u r having the salwar dress designs..please send it for me.. because..i'm facing the problem..to wear sarees..if salwar dress are free to me..but how i can feed my baby.. please send some designs if u having.. do this favour..please..sir..thank u..
For feeding mothers,  The salwar kameez neck designed with patch work and button or zipper combination is go well. Here i have designed 2 types of salwar kameez with patch, zipper and button work.
 Design 1: This design based on Princess cut. Make the salwar with princess cut model and place small length of zipper over the princess cut [See the indication on the picture]. It should be placed under the cloth so that zipper won't be visible on the top.
Design 2: Design the salwar neck with 'V' patch work. Place fashion button over the 'V' or place button under the blue material.

You can make your own design with patch work of various neck shape.Hope you all like it.

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More feedback help me to come up with new tips and designs


  1. this is nice.. your site is very nice... there isalso another way to place an opening under the arms on the sides of body. i havent stitched them but i have seen some ladies make it.
    can you please give info on how to stitch a dress with lining. whenever i make it, the lining becomes loose and folds inside. Also I am making anarkali dress. how to estimate how mush cloth to use.

  2. ThAnk you for your help. You are a great teacher. I would love to make one for me.

  3. Very helpful and you explained it very well. Thanks for sharing.

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