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How to stitch Puff Sleeve for salwar kameez

This is complete Step by Step Tutorial of puff sleeve Stitching. In this tutorial Gathering comes in sleeve round as well as armhole (will explain 'puff only on Armhole'). The first step need to fix is the fleet measurement. Here i took 3 inches for fleet. So the measurement of 0 to G is 1 and half inch. You can change the measurement as per the fleet requirement.

Step 1: Draw the rectangle And mark the measurements as per the picture.

Note: The 3-0-G-G is the portion to make the Fleets on the sleeve

Step 2: Mark 5 and 4 and join the point.

Step 3: Mark 6. Join 4 and 6

Step 4: Make the point 7. It is the mid point of 4 and 6

Step 5: Make the point 8

Step 6: Make the point 9. Join 4-9-6

Step 7:  Make a smooth shape on 4 - 10- 6  and 4 - 9- G

Final sleeve shape will be looking like this picture

How to make sleeve band

This steps required to make the sleeve band at the sleeve round [On bicep]

Make rectangular piece with the  following measurement

a to b  = 1"

b to c = half sleeve round + 1/2"

 Click here to see :    Stitching normal sleeve


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