Miss India South 2018: Crowning Moments

Fabric floral design on Salwar kameez

Doing floral painting on own designed salwar kameez is good idea to decorate it. Here is the sample picture for fabric design on salwar kameez

Tips to carry out fabric designs

* 100% Cotton is the best material  and silk good too

* Choose tightly woven material

* Prewash required for some material before painting
How to know whether the material required prewash? Drop a water on the cloth. If it is bead up on the cloth, its need to be wash. Which remove dirt and chemical from the cloth and helps to set the painting on the fabric

* After finishing the painting dry it for 24 hours and iron on its reverse side

* Padding under the cloth while doing painting

* Fabric pencil also available on the market. Combination of Fabric pencil design and 3d clue is good idea

* For easy painting stencil the drawing and stamp it on the cloth.

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