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Tips to reduce Post pregancy Hair fall

After the post delivery the visible changes in the women is hair fall. Pregnancy comes with lots of ups and downs for mind and body of the women. But more concerning process is hair falling.

During pregnancy the hair growth of the women is high due to high level of Hormones and estrogens. The Hormones and estrogens protect the pregnancy. These protect the hair root and prevent it from falling. The results are abundant growth in hair and its look healthy, shinny and dandruff free.

This continues until the baby becomes three to four months. After this period the estrogen and progesterone levels comes to the normal level. The body, mind and life style of the women undergoes various changes. Which are all cause the major hair fall

Structure of Hair growth

Hair growth divided into three stages
1. Growth stage
2. Short transition phase
3. Final stage [Grown hair at rest]

At the end of the final stage new hair enters into growth stage, which pushes out the old hair.

The important point that the women have to keep it in mind that

 “You are losing the hair that you are supposed to lose during the nine month of pregnancy. The only difference is you are losing all at once”

It is normal to lose about 25 to 30 hair everyday. Count that for nine month. It is simple. The hair fall continues till the mother stops feeding.

It is important to follow good dietary plan which includes vitamins, minerals and biotin. Biotin is a water soluble B-complex which found in egg yolks, liver, vegetables. And also zinc and iron is required for feeding mothers.

Animal protein is important for feeding mothers. Fish contains lot of nutrients which helps in the growth of the hair. After post delivery, women need to have at least one and half liters of milk.

After nine to ten months the hair fall stops. And sometimes it depends on genetics. However hair loss continues one must see the endocrinologist.

Things to do

* Do the minimum hair of shampooing and conditioning.
* Include minerals, vitamins, biotin, zinc and iron on your dietary plan.
* Have hair spa. Which relax your mind and nourishes the hairs.

With regular care say bye to hair fall

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