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Applying Hair oils and its benefits

Using mixed oil or one oil?
Applying oil play important role on the hair, it is essential to choose right kind of oil and right method of using is preferable.

Some people recommend mixing different types of hair oils like coconut, olive and almond and use it on hair. But others says use only one type of oil. Which method we have to follow then?.

Here i recommend only one oil that is coconut oil which is best suitable for all types of hair. It improves moisturizer level in the scalp and thus preventing flaking and itching of the scalp. A massage with coconut oil will improve the blood circulation in the scalp and helps to get healthy and strong rooted hair. And the benefits of coconut oil is,  it is light and absorbed quickly by hair. So there is no need of multiple applying of shampoo to remove oil.

And applying oil before hair wash reduce protein loss from the hair. When one oil give all the benefits then there is no need of mixing oil.

Procedure to apply oil
Before applying coconut oil slightly heat the oil and apply from the scalp to tip of the hair. The significance of applying heat oil is it increase the blood supply to the scalp and higher flow of nutrients to the roots of the hair. It also give good relaxation.

How long should keep the oil on the hair
The duration of time to keep oil on head differ head to head. People who having dry hair must keep the oil overnight. If possible cover it with shower cap. Wash the hair with mild shampoo. For greasy hair apply coconut oil an hour prior to a shower.

Rainy Season
The rainy season are just around the hair need to be take care. This is because the hydrogen bond is the weaker of the two bonds in the hair. Due to high humidity the hair will break easily. Apply coconut oil will protect your hair and keep it healthy and shiny.

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