Miss India South 2018: Crowning Moments

Apron design salwar kameez

This design is inspiration of Apron dress. This dress designed with cotton material. And its required two types of design material. Here i used printed dotted material and plain red color material.

  • Make a salwar pattern in red cloth.
  • Make only front body portion's in printed cloth.
  • Attach the printed cotton on plain material.
  • Make puff sleeve.
  • Attached rope from the neck and tie on the back.

This you can wear as a salwar top for leggings or use as a ladies tops for jean.

Few more simple design of salwar kameez


  1. An Indian woman is best defined when she is in a salwar kameez. she cannot look more gorgeous in any other outfit. Indian women are always pictured in a salwar. Thanks for sharing this post. i will be looking for some more interesting posts like this from you.

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