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How to start boutique business and it is oppurtunity

The growing number of specialized shop selling only salwar kameez and kurti every day. Around 50 percent of the girls and women interested in designing their own salwars and dresses. If they think to have their own business, the first option on their mind is boutique business. Now it is the hot business in the city.

The demand of the salwar kameez among the girls, people consider to open boutique for ladies. And really it is the demanding market especially when boutique comes with tailoring unit.

When the knowledge traveling along with the boutique and tailoring business then it must be a successful one, there is no doubt about that. But it is not a must. If you have a fair enough designing idea, then it is fine to setup boutique business. The minimum investment for setup a tailoring unit is around one lakh.

In the beginning a small investment over the material stock is enough. Once you familiar with demand of the material and requirement, then you can invest more on that. That require study people.

Even Govt. organization helps women entrepreneurs to emerge by providing loans. If you required any loan facility don't go for private banking. It is best option to choose Govt. sector and best and appropriate one is SSI (small scale industry).

Depend on the investment most of the invested business coming under the small scale industry business. Before start any business you need to study of the project and collect relevant information and acquired knowledge is must.

The beauty of SSI unit is they are also providing training with the nominal fee structure. And end of the course they are offering Govt. certificate. And guide to get the loans and business benefits from Govt.

If you want to start any business they are having lot of ready made project in hand. So that you can choose the project and apply directly for the loan purpose. Once you planned to start the business choose a name and it should be registered in SSI. (see how to registered in SSI? why have to registered in SSI?).

Not only boutique and tailoring unit. You can design your own salwar tops, kurtis and patiala by purchase unique materials. It is the more hot selling pieces. You can directly purchase material in chennai place like parris corner or Tirupur. Tirupur is the best for cotton material. Even Bombay we can get materials but Near place is good idea.

Article written by: SHARO

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