Miss India South 2018: Crowning Moments

Matching earring for Kurti and Salwar kameez

Though lot of fashion jewellery available on the market i like the lac earring for its color and look. More over it is handmade jewellery which exhibit our Indian artistry. Lac jewellery is Indian famous and trditional handcrafted jewellery. Originally it is made in Jaipur.
I think in south it has fewer popularity and availabilty of these kind of jewellery is also rare. But you can purchase these via online. Lac jewellery available in the form of Earring, bangle and neck set.
As this is comes with various color, we can match it with our dress. Also these jewellery available in multi color. Especially Red, green combination is suited for any dress color. And these types of earring and bangles most suited to Kurti and jean.

The special about these earring is hook drop and combined with traditional jimiki model which suits to salwar kameez and Saree too.

Totally the design are the combination of fashion cum tradition and suited for all dress

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