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Cotton customized salwar kameez for summer 2012

Summer 2012. Definitely will be a hottest year. Atleast you need to cover the minimum water requirement of body that is 7 to 8 classes of water. More than this would be good. It didn't mean you have to take 7-8 classes of water all it once. Try to make a habit of have it once in an hour. It will be much better to add juices in the daily diet. Consuming enough water will almost keep ourself from most of the health problem.

Then come to the dress part. In the next purchase, Give a room into your basket for cotton materials. As most of the girls engaged with the fashion garments, it will be very difficult to get more fashionable cotton salwar. But if we want we can make our customized cotton salwar.

In our earlier post we discussed about making fashion salwar by using border and bottom material to enhance the look on the tops of the salwar. Here i have given three snaps of cotton salwar kameez. Which is designed with border taken from the dupatta and bottom material. The third one with collar model is looking great. You can also buy separate printed material to design the tops.

Try design your salwar with your own ideas. Once you started to make your own customized salwar then you never like ready made salwar that available in the market.

cotton salwar neck designs

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