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short coat design on salwar kameez, kurtis and ladies tops

Small coat that can be wear over sleeveless tops, short sleeve, salwar kameez, kurtis and ladies tops is the latest 2012 fashion.The term used for small coat is "SHURG".

I m very glad to say this "In only-ladies.com blog the design has been discussed on 2011/Feb itself." Click here to see the article <a href="
http://www.only-ladies.com/2011/02/trendy-salwar-kameez-designs.html">Shrug salwar kameez</a>.Here sample picture of the article

The shrug coat available in short sleeve, three fourth sleeve and also in sleeveless. If you want to make these as mix and match salwar, combine sleeve less long tops, legging with short sleeve shurg. It will give westernized look over the salwar kameez. The same can be wear over the kurti and all types of ladies tops. You can also find long coat to the waist level with netted material and lace material.

Shrug (Shurg is a small over coat model which cover chest, shoulders and arm. It can be designed with short or long sleeve)

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