Miss India South 2018: Crowning Moments

bored of your usual dress? Then it must be the time to change your style to latest fashion

"Husband sitting and changing channel after getting into home?"
"Get in yourself into regular dress or same boring nighty?"
"Boring routine life style?"

"Feel boring to see yourself on mirror?"
"Need some changes in life?"

Then it must be right time to change your dress code and activities.

Don't you agree to change your way of dressing make feel refresh you and others who surrounded?

Try these Simple tricks and do some changes in your make over. That may be your regular

1. Ear rings
2. Stickers (Bindi)
3. Eye brow correction (perfect shape match your face)
4. Eye liner style (not using then try it now with thin lines)
4. Way of wearing saree or saree material [Don't cyclic wearing of few sarees throughout the year. Change the saree and its regular color atleast once in three months. Now best time to wear perfectly ironed cotton saree. Change it and see others reaction :) ]
5.  Say bye to nighty (very important change). And wear a perfect dress which matches you.
6. Change hair style

2 important tips
1. Don't talk about usual family stories. Learn and make yourself busy with new things
2. Atleast make free few hours for your personal care.

Do you think what i'm saying is correct? Then leave your comments here.

Here is the latest fashion ladies collar out waist level over coat. It is made out of banian material. Now its hot trend in Singapore (yes, i been there for a month). I really love the look and feel.

 I bought few short coat (shurg) in Sequines, Shanthi colony, chennai. But i don't know where we can get this long overcoat in chennai.

Anybody knows then leave the shop details here.

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