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Do you want Beautiful oxidized hook drop jimiki Earring? A must visit Shop

Widely demanding ongoing latest trend oxidized earring! One of my favorite and everybody’s too. Don’t You???

What is the life span, quality, and money worth of the fashion accessories that you buy on the road side shop? Keeping long time envy making accessories!!! Cool know?? Agree??

I bought such type of earring for me from a shop in Escape Avenue, Chennai called “KALISTA”.
I planned to own an oxidized jimiki and visited Escape Avenue. But the thing is hook drop jimiki doesn’t suit me. I wanted to have an oxidized jimiki but with stud (without hook). So I needed a seller who is making customized jewellery, which means, making jewels as per our requirement.

Finally I found this shop. They made it for me. Wow great!!! I got my favorite earring that what I am looking for a long. And I also purchased one more with hook drop for my niece.

Interesting? Then you must visit here to have a look on it.

As these are made of silver the price ranges from 150 to 8500. The jimiki cost is around 2080. Feel Expensive? Don’t. Since, worth it when compared to short time accessories. Not only earring, they are also having bracelets, anklets and beads.

The owner person, while talk about the shop, he says

“As we have our own designer studio, you can’t find these patterns anywhere else. Our special design is peacock earring with precious stone. Yes, we are dealing with precious and semi precious added jewellery. It can be used as lucky stone. You can wear this whenever you want or to work as lucky stone, you need to wear these for continues 45 days. Also he added “We are also selling gold plated jewellery which matches the look of original gold”

Visit here. Then you will know that what I’m saying is correct. But don’t forget to tell them that you are coming from here.

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