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Lacer cut Design dress on the show of Bangalore fashion week 2015 13th edition

Hi guys,

Glad to meet you after long time. I think its merely 3 years. Now I have come back with lot of fashion designing ideas, technique and tutorial.

Yes from the study of  fashion designing, i have learnt lot of things which i have planned to share it on my favorite blog only-ladies.com.

Here I'm presenting my two dresses which showcased on Bangalore fashion week 2015 13th edition.

Theme Name : Fiesta De La Vendimia (Festival of Farmer)

Theme inspiration:

Theme inspiration is Pongal. All over the world people celebrating farmer's day. So farmers day is translated to spanish and finally i kept the name of Fiesta De La Vendimia.

Color Concept:

I have chosen three colors from 2015 colors as Wine red, Golden Yellow (rice grain color) and irish blue (otherwise called electric blue)

Dress Pattern:

Reference dress Jumpsuit and Peplum dress


For designing the dress  i choose Rice is my motif (design). With the help of rice design i formed a certain flower design. Also planned to do the laser cut this design on the fabric.

 Design from rice

Note: First one design from rice and second one design enhanced by ellipse.

Laser Print on Fabric

Sketch: 8 Head

Final Product:

Here the video link of the Bangalore fashion week

Your comments and questions are welcome

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